Chise for learning Kanji

Todd.Rudick at Todd.Rudick at
Wed Jul 16 12:52:49 JST 2003

  I'm interested in automated systems to help foreigners learn kanji.
Several methods that people have come up with over the years involve
ordering kanji such that graphemes that make up a character are learned
before one attempts to learn the complex character (and then common
memory techniques are used to combine them).
  Up until now there's been no good publicly usable database of
characters with their component parts, so creating flashcard and other
study applications using this sort of method has been hampered. I was
delighted to find the chise webpage, as It appears to me that the data
files @ accomplish
just this. They're very close to what I'd need. I have a few questions

  1 - Are these available for educational purposes? Are there any
restrictions on the data's usage?
  2 - The files have entities such as "&CDP-8C42;" and "&GT-00458;".
I've gathered that these are probably references to particular fonts. Is
there any version of the files that are closed in the Unicode character
set (even if the glyph isn't generally good enough for font-generation,
for educational purposes it'd probably suffice)? If not, what would be
the easiest way to render such entities as small images (I'm imaging
using this data for web-based study tools).


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