Wittern-san's article

Yoshi Fujiwara yfujiwar at crl.go.jp
Wed Sep 11 09:26:25 JST 2002

Thank you for your message, Wittern-san.

I have been out of town, and was late for reply. I am submitting this
message since some members may have interest.

>> > "Kanji to Jyouhou" No.3, "What is digitalization?" (in Japanese, 
>> > "According to studies by a professor in Taiwan on structural
>> > principles of chinese characters, ...

>> I am citing Prof. C.C. Hsieh's work.  Many of his articles (most in
>> BTW, Prof. Hsieh will be in Japan next month to attend the PNC

Great. I definitely want to talk with him. Could you please let me
have a chance to do so? I will take a look at his papers in English
and attempt to find out the structural features.

best wishes,
Yoshi Fujiwara

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